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Cold & Fusing Metalizing is Available

A wide range of materials can be sprayed: Brass, Ceramics, Cast Iron, Plastics, Steel, Stainless Steel, Wear & Corrosion Resistant Materials.

The Cold Method Does Not Heat the Base Material over 250°F. It Does NOT affect Heat Treatment of the Base Material.

Examples: Power Steering Components, Parts that Require Hard or Wear Resistant Surfaces, and Seal Surfaces.

Using the Fusing Method, the Base Material is Heated to over 1,200°F

This WILL Effect on any Prior Heat Treating.

The Fusing Method is used for Applications that Require Hardness of up to 60 Rockwell C and/or are Subject to Shock Loads.

Examples: Gages, Fixtures, Etc.


This 4-step process involves:
  • Preparation, Approximately 0.020" Material Removal to Allow for the Metalizing Process
  • Metalizing. The Cold Method is used in this Case
  • Removal of Excess Spray Material
  • Finish Grinding and Polishing of Metalized Surfaces