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Rebuilders & Components

FL Distributors has the knowledge and experience necessary to assist you in evaluating the potential benefits in the remanufacture of your products or components. Unlike new build assembly work, remanufacturing requires dedicated engineering support and experienced technicians who are trained in evaluating the re-use of components or parts to be reassembled.

Your used equipment can be supplied, rebuilt or remanufactured to your exact specifications. Whether it is a single gear reducer, an electric motor or the complete re-machining and modernization of a rolling mill to meet current day technology, FL Distributors can make it happen for you.

A Product Is Remanufactured If:

  1. Its primary components come from a used product.
  2. The used product is dismantled to the extent necessary to determine the condition of its components.
  3. The used product’s components are thoroughly cleaned and made free from rust and corrosion.
  4. All missing, defective, broken or substantially worn parts are either restored to good condition, or they are replaced with new, remanufactured, or functionally good used parts.
  5. To put the product in sound working condition, machining, rewinding, refinishing or other operations are performed as necessary.
  6. The product is reassembled and a determination is made that it will operate like a similar new product.

Why should you consider remanufacturing for your products?

  1. Allows you to spread your initial design and engineering costs over a larger number of units.
  2. Frees up manufacturing capacity for new product introduction.
  3. Provides invaluable feedback on performance of parts and components.
  4. Improves margins by distribution of a lower cost, like new product.
  5. Eliminates environmental waste by reclaiming raw materials.